A brief intro to frugal living

With the cost of living rising, more and more people are looking to save money where they can, and for some it has become a necessity.  This blog aims to provide a brief introduction to basic money saving techniques.  Set out into easy to follow categories, it uses real life examples as well as tricks and tips that will soon see your savings accumulate while still enjoying the things you love.

Saving money, or living frugally, doesn’t always mean you have to compromise on quality.  If you know where to look, you can still enjoy the quality you’re used to for a fraction of the cost.  So how can you do it?  Simple.  By following the Five R’s of saving money and frugal living which are:






I will go into more detail throughout this blog, but put basically, research the products you want and the stores they are found in.  Re-think your actions and your purchases.  Reduce your debt, bills and wastage.  Reuse items where you can.  Recycle or upcycle whatever you can.

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