Save money on your gardening budget with these 5 tips

Most serious gardeners will know that it’s easy to spend a fortune every year creating a beautiful garden. By using these five simple tips, you’ll save yourself money this gardening season and in others to come.

1. Start a gardening network! Plan your vegetable garden according to what your neighbours, friends and family are planting so you can share your vegetables when they’re ripe. Often I’ve had too many of one kind of vegetable I couldn’t give away because my friend’s were ripe at the same time.

2. Select perennials rather than annuals for your flowerbeds. As they multiply each year, cut them back and exchange with your friends and family so you all have lovely gardens and save money at the same time.

3. Compost your kitchen scraps, as well as your coffee grounds. The end result is much better than any potting soil you can buy from a nursery or hardware store, and you’ll save a ton of money too.

4. Instead of using mulch, try pebbles or small rocks in your garden as ground cover. This will save you cash as you won’t need to buy mulch in the spring and fall of every year.

5. Although it may not seem like it, by purchasing better quality gardening tools now and you will save money in the long run. They will last for years, saving you dollars because you don’t need to replace them every planting season. Same goes for gardening gloves- make sure you buy the best you can afford so they last all season.

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