Saving money cooling your home in summer

With the weather heating up, now is the perfect time to look at ways to save money on cooling your home in summer.

When heating your home, only heat or the rooms you are using.  If your cooling is ducted, close the ducts in rooms you don’t use often, such as spare bedrooms, or bathrooms during times you are not showering or bathing.  For rooms which lack ducts, such as the laundry or storage areas, close the doors to these rooms before you turn on the air conditioner.  This will cool your house quicker, and less energy means lower bills!

Here are a few other useful tips which will help drop your cooling bills in summer:

  • On hot days, close up and shade off as much of the house as you can before the sun starts to heat up.  By closing your blinds and curtains early on, you’ll keep the house cooler for longer without the need for an air conditioner.
  • If your house is positioned where frequently used rooms or bedrooms receive afternoon sun, then you’ll already know how hot and stuffy they get in the middle of an Australian summer.  If you have curtains in these rooms, swap them for ‘black out’ curtains, which have a heavy white backing to deflect sun and heat.  Hardware stores also sell a variety of shade cloths which can be placed on the window outside to block out sun and heat, and depending on how hot those rooms get and how much you want to spend, you can also look at outdoor roller blinds which will completely block out summer sun.  They can be expensive to install, but if it’s hot enough where you live, they will pay for themselves within a few years with the reduction in your cooling bills.
  • Have the filters of your air conditioning regularly checked and the filters clean to ensure optimum performance.
  • In climates with dry heat, use evaporative coolers instead of air conditioning.  They will be effective, and use a tenth of the energy as traditional air conditioning will.
  • Turn the cooling off when you leave the house.
  • Stay hydrated.  It will assist in keeping you cool without relying on the air conditioner.

Stay tuned for more tips on keeping cool in summer without hiking up your bills!

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